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FAQ and KAT INFO - Read First

Postby WDRacing » Tue Jan 25, 2005 9:42 am

I consolidated all the old stickies into one thread to clean up the forum a bit. If you're a new member, let me be the first to welcome you to the best KAT board on the internet.

There isn't anything that can't be answered here on NICO. Keep in mind that the questions you want to ask have most likely already been discussed, and are archived in our vast resources somewhere. Before you post a question, be sure to SEARCH for answers beforehand. You will get more complete information, and members here will love you for it. The search button is blinking red on the top right of the NICO webpage, or you can click right here--->; Image

KA-T Forum Guidelines:

!-->;Read Me First<--!

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List of Nico's Sponsors


KA-T Members:

AOL Screen Names
KAT Horse Power Poll
KAT Members Gallery
KAT Picture Thread

Parts and Supplies:

DIY Oil Line Info with Pics and part numbers
Engine Coatings
Stock Intercooler Listing
Stock Injector Listing/Spread Sheet
Forged Rod Brand Choices
KA Exhaust Stud Info
Holset Turbo Info

What can my stock KA parts handle?

Fuel system
Stock Injectors + FMU
Stock MAF vs. Z32 MAF
Head Bolts vs. ARP
Stock Rods: 1, 2
Cylinder Head Design Discussion, Seen with Transverse Slices

Note: Searching the NICO KA-T archives with the term "Stock" is another good way to find threads on these subjects.

Turbo Tech:

Turbo 101
ABC123's Turbo 101
PCV Explained, Catch Cans and Valve Cover Breathers
240SX Tech Articles
How To Read A Compressor Map
EGT's and Tuning Answers Here
Tons of Tech Articles and Calculators
Emanage Wiring Info, with Diagram
S13 ECU Pinout + Wire Locations
More 240sx Pinouts + Diagrams
Speed Limiter + 5th Gear Govenor Removal
Greddy Emanage theory/tuning/information
Intake manifold design and theory
Compressor Surge
Top VS. Bottom Mount Turbo Manifold
KA-T Experiences on Different setups

Do It Yourself (DIY) Guides:

KA Engine Weight
Nissan ECU Pin Outs
240SX FSM's
DIY Fiznat's Intake Manifold Breakdown
DIY Ignition Mods for Better Spark
DIY Injector Resistor Box Install
DIY Boost Leak Detector
DIY Assembling Earl's-Type AN Fittings on Steel Braided Line
Bobby's DIY turbo oil feed/return lines install
Scarboroughdub's step-by-step BikiROM board install
Nissanfanatic's DIY overboost protector
LEMHEAD16's DIY Turbo Rebuild
DarkForceJackels IAP/Greddy BOV Fix with Pics
300ZX MAF Wiring Diagram
Supra TT MAF
DIY AutoTune's Megasquirt Writeup
E85 Conversion
Fuel Pump Hardwiring
Hooking up your Autometer Water Temp Gauge using the air bleeder screw hole.
SAFC Settings
MegaSquirt Tuning 240 Specific
MegaSquirt Tuning Articles
Installing Water Lines To The Turbo
240sx articles organized by category
Non-240sx Nissan articles
Nissan Quest 100 AMP Alternator Install

1989-1998 240sx tutorials (91-94 unless indicated) :

AIV removal(PAIR valve)
Alternator removal Needs work
Antenna Install
Automatic transmission-1991-1994-FSM
Battery terminal replacement
Battery FAQ
Belts-changingNeeds work
Brakes-Bleeder screw
Brakes-replace rear pads
Brakes-replace rear rotors
Brake master cylinder replacement
Buying guide-1989-1998
Cam Alignment(1991-1998)
Cleaning Detailing
Clutch-replacing (no pictures)
Codes: retrieving and reading(1991-1994)
Codes: retrieving & reading(1995-1998)
Codes: retieving & reading(1989-90 SOHC)
Code 34 detonation/knock sensor
Compression test methodology
Computer codes: reading
Control arm-front lower control arm replacement
Coolant system-general
Coolant change
Coolant-Temperature sensor
Crankshaft position sensor
CV boot replacement
Dash removal
Defogger-rear defroster(1989-1998)
Detonation sensor/knock sensor
Differential-aftermarket install
Door-hinge sags Needs work
Door latch troubleshooting(Driver's door)
Door Panel removal
Engine Removal 1991-98
ECU-serial numbers
Electronic help
Exhaust manifold removal
Factory service manual-1991-1994 Incomplete-see link in my signature
Factory service manual 1989 best
Factory service manual-1989-1990
Factory service manual-1995
Factory service manual-1998
Fender brace install
Freeze plug(expansion)
Fuel filter replacement
Fuel injector replacement
Fuel Injector Leak test
Fuel pressure regulator
Fuel Pressure specs(see fuel pressure reg. article 34/43 psi)
Fuel pump install
Fuel Pump install(s14)
Fuel pump Needs work
Fuel pump kill switch
Fuse & Relay Locations
Ground kit
Hatch-water leak
Headlight troubleshooting
Idle-stalling at stop lights
Idle adjustment
IACV AAC cleaning & electrical trouble-shooting
Ignition switch/Lock
knock sensor/Detonation sensor
Light bulb replacement-dash
Leak down test- FUEL
Light bulb- S14 Climate control
Master cylinder(brake) replacement
Master cylinder brake bleeder kit
Oil pump inspection
Oxygen sensor
Paint codes l
Power steering-hose replacement
Power steering pump-removal/replacement
Power steering system-bleeding
Radio harness wire colours-89-98
Seat upgrade
Stalling-at stop lights
Starting -hard start when engine warm
Starting-hard start when engine cold
Starter trouble-shooting-Engine won't turn over
Steering wheel removal
Stereo Faq see radio
Suspension-tension control rod
Temperature sensor-coolant
Throttle position sensor(TPS)
Timing Chain Rattle(1991-1998)
Timing chain rattle(SOHC)(1989-90)
Timing chain install (SOHC)
Timing chain replacement(SOHC) best
Timing Chain (DOHC) Incomplete
Tire chains
Transmission oil change
Vacuum diagrams
Vacuum Pump Leak
Valve removal/seal replace
Water pump replacement
Water pump(1995-1998)
Window-repairing amp(1989-1995)
Window-repairing power windows(1996-1998)
Window-replace motor 1995-98
Wiring diagrams

****CUSTOM INSTALLS************************************

Air intake install
Air Intake install-S14-(AEM)
Air Intake-Custom S14
Brake upgrade-240sx to 300zx
Clutch install
Fan-electric wiring
Fan-electric wiring
Fan install-electric for s14
Header Intall
Hood pin install
LSD(limited slip differential) install
Nitrous oxide-direct port wet kit 1990 240sx
Painting-headlight housing
Sound system intall 1995 240sx
Suspension-coilover conversion
Swap-auto to 5speed s14
Turbo-1989 240sx
Turbo 1990 240sx

Thanks For reading here first.

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Re: Great Info Here, LOOK HERE FIRST!!! (WDRacing)

Postby Bwana » Mon Aug 06, 2007 5:00 pm

And this is how you do it super cheap.

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Re: FAQ and KAT Info

Postby PapaSmurf2k3 » Mon Apr 04, 2011 8:44 pm

I tried to edit the page, but it looks like it was made on our old forum software, and if I did that, all the old links would DIE... so here's the components needed for whatever horsepower you are shooting for.
ka-t-components-required-for-this-amoun ... 83590.html

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Re: FAQ and KAT Info

Postby WDRacing » Tue Apr 05, 2011 3:26 pm

We can use your above post for additions and corrections from now on if that's cool with you brah. Then we can just go through all of the links and see which ones are dead or partially f u and post corrections with an explanation of why etc. Dunno why I didn't think of this earlier actually :facepalm:

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Re: FAQ and KAT Info

Postby PapaSmurf2k3 » Tue Apr 05, 2011 4:11 pm

Its cool with me Brah. I'll see if I can lend a hand in this forum while you're working on getting your house up to snuff for the losers that are moving in after you.

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Re: FAQ and KAT Info

Postby biggie » Thu Apr 07, 2011 12:12 pm

I fixed all the links and everything in the first post, can be edited and updated now.

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