*** 350Z General Information, FAQ & DIY Modification ***

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*** 350Z General Information, FAQ & DIY Modification ***

Postby BusyBadger » Sun Jul 11, 2010 5:12 am

Welcome to NICO and the Z Family! It’s great to have you on board!

350Z Club Website

350z owners Check-In & Post A Pic

Post Your Z & All Mods to Date

Abbreviations & Slang

How to post pictures - host photos - posting pics

Nissan 350Z reliability (Please sign up if you're new)

FAQ & General Information

350Z FSM: 03-07 Coupe & 04 Roadster

G35/350Z engine differences HP/TQ ratings

G35/350Z ECU Reset Procedure

350Z Diagnostic ECU Codes and How to Clear Them

Fixing Check Engine Light with High Flow Cats

Before Modifying Your "Z" FAQ

Actual HP Gains!

Turbo 101

Nitrous Oxide FAQ

Basic 350Z Intake Info

Basic 350Z Exhaust Info

Haltech Platinum 350z pnp Standalone EMS

ZEX Nitrous FYI

350Z Final Drive

Twin turbos the proper way

350Z DIY (Do It Yourself modifications)

350Z DIY: Emblem Replacement

350Z DIY: B&M Short Shifter Install

350Z/G35 DIY: Vortech Supercharger Install

350Z DIY: Rear Bumper Tuck

350Z DIY: Air Filter Change (HR/HR nismo)

350Z DIY: Changing out stock exhaust for NISMO exhaust

350Z DIY: HR motor Short Ram Intake w/ OEM piping

350Z DIY: Swapping the OEM shift knob for the NISMO knob (6 speed)

350Z DIY: Changing The Window Motor

350Z DIY: Changing the License Plate Lights

350Z DIY: Nismo 380rs gas pedal install

350Z DIY: Replacing 350Z A/C Ventilator

350Z DIY: Tail Lights, Zenki to Kouki

Shift Boot Replacement (Z33)

Spark Plug Replacement

350Z Base Quaife HLSD Install

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