Wouldn't start. Had to replace ipdm AND bcm ... geez

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Wouldn't start. Had to replace ipdm AND bcm ... geez

Postby davdman01 » Mon Apr 27, 2020 2:44 pm

2015 Rogue SV AWD. Never an issue. Paid it off last week. This week it wouldn't start. Good Battery. Took to my local guy and he diagnosed failed IPDM. He didn't have a nissan software license so we towed to the dealer. They verified diag and replaced the IPDM. Still no start. Further diag revealed failed BCM. f*** this, I can get this buying a ford or gm. I buy japanese for dependability. $1900 total bill (incl first guys diag time). Did some searches on here, too little too late. My local guy said the OS on a new ipdm had to be downloaded and the license was $350/yr...not worth it to him. Hence the move to the dealer. Nothing like this on my 2014 Armada so far, thank goodness.


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