The most important info for a Maxima I-30/35 owner

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The most important info for a Maxima I-30/35 owner

Postby Beancooker » Sat Jan 06, 2007 10:00 am

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Abbreviations and Slang

Need help picking out an exhaust system, look at the poll answers
what-exhaust-system-do-you-have-t234925 ... it=exhaust

Need help picking out tires, look at the poll answers


Nissan Factory Maintenance Schedule

Aftermarket Air Filter

K & N -- wash and re-oil every 40-50k miles. AEM Dryflow -- Wash and dry every 20-30k miles

What Size Bulb Do I Need?

How to replace in cabin air filter

How to use Deep Creep (Seafoam) to clean the intake passages.


Springs and Struts

How to replace springs/struts

What to expect from aftermarket springs and struts

Need help picking out a suspension system, look at the poll answers


Installation of RSB

What to expect from a RSB


There are not a lot of articles that are specific to this upgrade. It will stiffen up the front end a little bit. Makes for less front end roll around corners.


VG Engine Info

VE Engine Info

VQ Engine Info

What spark plugs should I use?

My 5th Gen Maxima/I 30/I35 uses oil.


My windows roll up, then down a few inches. (5th Gen)

What do I need to use an aftermarket head unit with the factory BOSE speakers?


Do I need hood Pins for my carbon fiber hood?

Maxima Media

Maxima Videos

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Posts: 12129
Joined: Mon Jun 26, 2006 1:45 pm
Car: Current Car: 2019 Toyota Tacoma (modded)
Past cars: Way too many to list
Location: Cottonwood, AZ.

Postby Beancooker » Sun Jan 07, 2007 4:03 pm

Credit for this goes to Audtatious. I simply copied it to here!


Here's a thread of "How To's" and Information. If you have any you wish to add, please list them and I will add'em to the list by order of year.

General:----- Generation Specific Detailing Tips - PrinzII----- Recalls and TSBs----- Maxima Bulb Chart (all years) - audtatious----- Replacing CV boots - NISTECH----- Installing Wheel Spacers - Fezzik----- Strut Boot Info - phenryiv1 ----- Stock Nissan and Infiniti Offset chart----- Differences between USDM intake manifold and MEVI manifold -NSR A32------ How to Paint Your Wheels - blackmax23----- How to install white LEDS for you automatic (a/t) gear selector - G4nismo

3rd Generation(1989-1994):----- 3rd Gen SES/CEL Codes----- How to Turbo a 3rd Gen Maxima----- How to program a new digital entry system code - draven822k

4th Generation(1995-1999.5):----- 4th Gen SES/CEL Codes----- Auto to 5sp Conversion - hlh0501----- How to retrieve your CEL (Check engine light) codes - vbxmaxima----- How to retrieve your TCM codes----- What your CEL codes really mean - vbxmaxima----- How to change your spark plugs - How to replace your fuel pump - vbxmaxima----- How to replace your fuel injectors (front & rear) - vlad----- How to change your engine coolant - motorvate (Frank)----- How to change your power steering fluid - motorvate (Frank)----- How to replace your fuel filter - vbxmaxima----- How to troubleshoot your TPS (throttle position sensor) - vbxmaxima----- How to remove/install a valve cover - max-world----- How to install a MEVI (Middle eastern variable intake) - How to install a 2000 VI Manifold install on a 95-99 max - sdot82----- How to replace clutch slave cylinder hose - How to re-grease your starter - motorvate (Frank)----- How to wire your cooling fans for manual use - Jime (Jim)----- How to remove your speed limiter (model specific) - Ben Garner----- How to install Stillen supercharger (Part One) - max-world----- How to install Stillen supercharger (Part Two) - ericj----- How to clean your IAC valve ----- How to test/replace your knock sensor - motorvate (Frank)----- How to reset your SRS/Airbag light ----- How to replace your motor mounts ----- How to replace your oxygen sensors ----- 4th Gen Audio Wiring Schematics - audtatious----- SE gauge Install- phenryiv1----- How to reprogram key fob----- Maxima strut/spring replacement 4th Gen -beancooker------ 4th Gen IACV cleaning ----- How to change the high-mount brake light.----- Dallas Taillight Mod. - How to remove/install factory fog lights - nismo1219----- How to replace valve cover gaskets - Evil I 30----- How to make your headlights like new - Evil I 30----- How to Install Transmission Cooler - !240RB!----- How to replace sway bar end link bushings - allensteiner----- How to: Q45/J30 brake conversion - rustest86

5th Generation Maxima (2000 - 2003):----- Adding Ipod to '01 I30----- 5th Gen SES/CEL Codes----- Front Speaker Replacement - audtatious----- Subwoofer Enclosure - audtatious----- Addco RSB Installation - audtatious ----- Fog Light Replacement - audtatious----- Injen Intake Installation - audtatious----- 5th Gen Audio Wiring Schematics - audtatious----- How to Make a Ghetto Air Box - Fezzik----- How to Install Heated Side View Mirror - Fezzik----- How to Install Coilovers - Fezzik----- How to Install Chrome Gauge Rings - Fezzik----- How to Install a PCV blow-by oil catch - beancooker----- How to advance your timing - beancooker----- Maxima strut/spring replacement 5th Gen -beancooker------ How to Custom Tint Your Maxima tail lights - lightsout----- How to Black Out/Paint Inside of Head Lights - A33

6th Generation Maxima (2004 - 2008):----2007-08 Bumper Upgrade/Swap - Maxima Side Mirrors Install - Roof Strip Removal - an 07 Spoiler - OEM iPod Install - Satellite Radio Installation - intake manifold on 04 Maxima - Intake Install - Manifold Spacer Kit Install - NWP Engineering, Inc.----Ypipe Install - Console Disassembly - armrest rattle----Indiglo Gauge Install - Panel Removal----Package Deck Removal----Removing Center Console - Memory Reset - Handle LED Install----Body Color Headlight Assembly - Step Lights----Driving/Fog light Rewire - Install - Cleaning - Clearing DIY - Fog-light Install - Tailight Replacement - HID Projector Retrofit Sidemarkers/LED mirrors - Suspension Noise Fix----KONI Sport Inserts Install - Spring Installation - Spring install - Tuning STS -

7th Generation Maxima (2009 - 20??):----Navigation Bypass Tutorial - Mirror Blinker LED's----Interior LED Bulb Swap -

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