How to post pictures on NICOclub - 2017 comp.

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How to post pictures on NICOclub - 2017 comp.

Postby EdBwoy » Sun Nov 26, 2017 6:01 pm

I usually have these various methods individually linked in my signature, but I hit the limit of URLs allowed in there and it makes sense to link to only one thread.

1. Using TINYPIC - link

2. Using IMGUR - link

Apparently, you don't even have to have an account to use IMGUR. However, for me an account has the advantage of storing my images somewhere I can find them later.
centralcoaster33 wrote: I like imgur for putting up photos. No account necessary. There's a green 'new post' button near the top left.
centralcoaster33 wrote: ...You can post pictures if you like. Here's instruction on how to do it using IMGUR (by the way, you don't have to sign in for it to work. you can just post images anonymously and then link them to your posts here)...

3. This MANUAL WAY - link
At first it might be a little challenging for a non-techie like me, but I played with it and was able to post images that I pulled from any website.

4. Using Photobucket - link
I post this as general knowledge, but using photobucket is generally pointless as most of the people you are trying to show the pics to won't see them due to not being paying photobucket members. A lot of our content blanked out on us around mid-2017
I repeat, DO NOT use photobucket.

5. Like I have always offered, there is another way - SEND THEM TO ME
If any of the top 3 options are still too challenging to you and getting pictures posted would be very valuable to the topic at hand, send them to me telling me where you want them and I'll make it happen.
I can be reached by emailing "My NICOclub username"at gmail dot com.
Beware that this route might take a little time as I navigate my daily grind.

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