G35 FAQ & How To's ***READ FIRST***

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G35 FAQ & How To's ***READ FIRST***

Postby Beancooker » Thu Mar 20, 2008 2:38 pm

Please email one of us if you have a problem with anything in the forum. Our email addresses can be found in our profiles.

Technical Forums:
We have additional forums to discuss specific G-series issues. These are:

G-series Forum Main Page

VQ Series engines

Online Mechanic

Other G-Series Links:
G37Driver Main Page

G35club Main Page


G35 reliability poll

Members Rides

G Members intro page


G37 Technical Support Bulletins (TSBs)
G35 tips and tricks
Gasoline Octane info
G35/350Z model engine info
Manuals and Guides
G35 Tech Specs
Abbreviations and slang
Aftermarket Parts Suppliers
G35 reliability (Please sign up if you're new)
Recal and more TSB info
How to post photo
How to use quote boxes

G37 Maintenance Schedules
Clutch adjustment for G35/350Z
Air Filter Replacement
Manual Transmission Fluid Change
Change clutch fluid
03-06 G35 Spark plug replacement
07+ G35/G37 Spark plug replacement
G35 Accessory Belt Change
Update Navigation Maps

Invidia Catback Installation
Electric Fan Conversion
Checking Infiniti ECU Codes
Clearing CEL for High Flow Cats
Clearing Codes on the G35
Twin Turbos for G35
G37 Oil Cooler install
G37 GTM Supercharger Install
G37 Invidia Gemini Exhaust Installation

G35 Stereo / AC fix
G37 HID Bulb Replacement
G37 headlight Bulb Replacement
How to install halo's - 03-07 G35
G37 NAV Bypass
G35 headlight/foglight/side bulb without removing headlight
Homelink programing
Diagnostics and Adjustments Menu
G37 Battery Replacement

G35 Windshield wiper fix
Rear Spoiler Install

2007+ Sedan, 2008+ Coupe hidden Diagnostics and Adjustments Menu
Replacing in cabin filter
G37: Replacing in cabin filter
Low-budget Fix For Crappy Bose Systems
Tweeter DIY install
Wood Trim Guide
Stereo Install Guide (2012 G37 'Vert)

G37 Front Sway Bar Install
G37 Rear Sway Bar Install
G35/G37 OEM wheel specifications & after-market wheel offsets
Strut Tower Brace Install #1
Strut Tower Brace Install (GTspec) #2
G37 Coilover install
G37 H-Tech spring install
Akebono Brake swap
Akebono Brake pad replacement
How to install wheel spacers
Brake Poll and Info
2006 350z suspension

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