NTD Throttle Controller in the Juke

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Re: NTD Throttle Controller in the Juke

Postby anthony870 » Tue Jan 29, 2013 9:11 pm

LuvJuke wrote:Hi Anthony, I bet you are driving a turbo version of the juke? I'm driving a naturally aspirated version. The throttle input is never that immediate. So I guess throttle controller won't work as well as in your case? Just my gut feel.
Yes i do have the turbo version. Where are you located? I didn't know they had anything other then the turbo model in the US. The throttle controller will work as well. I first bought it for my '09 Versa and then switched it to the Juke when I got it. The Versa is not turbo either and it was an amazing difference with the throttle controller on it. But if you are looking to not spend the money on it then easing up on the throttle, and following ImStricken's guidelines, is def the way to go if yours is not as responsive as I eluded to. But if you have some money to blow then I say get it and you wont be disappointed. If anything it is fun to play with in SP mode and it does keep you in check in EC mode.

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