List of what I will need for boost?

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List of what I will need for boost?

Postby Ajaxpowder » Thu Jan 12, 2012 11:13 am

Hello folks, I am not new to FI, I have a 1992 VW 16V GTI boosted to 41 PSI, it pushing 550 BHP (i do have dyno charts to prove it). However no traction until 5th gearis not cool in a 92 golf, so I'm switching it to ITB's to null it down.

I picked up a 1995 s14 for not much money. I plan on boosting this motor, I would like to use as much of my pre existing parts as possible. my turbo goody list consist of:

Garrett Gt38
Garret T3/T4 .57 AR 50 trim
Matching ebay T3/T4
Garrett gt28
75LB/hour injectors
95LB/hour injectors
Tial 38mm waste gate
Turbo smart BOV
Greddy BOV
Various 1.8T diverter valves.
i have a few manual boost controllers

Now I know I will need:
0.063" restricter (Someone confirm this is the right size?)
Down pipe
dump tube
some type of chip
Inter cooler (I doubt my PWR AWIC would be suitable for the low amounts of boost I'm planing for this vehicle)

I want to hit between 250 and 300 HP, I plan on P&P the head, 3 angle valve job.
How much boost should I aim for?
What size fuel injectors should I run for my KA? (im think both my #75, & #95 are overkill)
I ran My Golf on MS-II I do not wish to go that route with the nismo. Which chip should I go for?
Which turbo should I use out of my collection?

This is going to be funnn!!! :dblthumb:

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Re: List of what I will need for boost?

Postby WDRacing » Tue Jan 17, 2012 4:36 am

ka-t-components-required-for-this-amoun ... 83590.html

The FAQ also has lot of good info. Won't need any headwork for 300whp, just 15-18 psi of boost and a half decent tune. Enthalpy is probably your best bang/buck/power rom tune tuner at current. There is also JWT and Nistune to look into, and AEM if you want to go standalone. But a rom tune is the best bet for 300 or so. The 75lb injectors are what I'd use, no sense buying anything smaller.

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