Z32 5 speed gearbox clutch master to small??

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Z32 5 speed gearbox clutch master to small??

Postby Ben_jammin » Fri Jul 25, 2014 6:27 am

Hey guys im having issues trying to bleed and getting my clutch to engage.

The situation:
Engine - VH45DE
Gearbox - VQ30DE Z32 5 speed Manual
Clutch Slave Cylinder - OEM 300zx Z32 (3/4")
Clutch Master Cylinder - OEM Silvia S15 (5/8")

Whats happening is ive replaced (to eliminate from fault) the CMC and the slave cylinders to new OEM ones. And yet the pedal feels soft and wont engage. No difference to wheel speed with clutch in or out. Is this as simple as I need a bigger CMC? or something else. Everything is bled properly.

Please help. Im guessing a 7/8" Wilwood or Tilton Cylinder will sort it? Or do i need to go bigger again? 15/16" or even 1"????? :ohno: :ohno: :ohno: :gotme :gotme

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