Z24 won’t run off idle and headlight issues

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Z24 won’t run off idle and headlight issues

Postby hotroddin78 » Tue Oct 16, 2018 11:09 am

So I’m new here. Im fixing my buddies 82 720 and I’ve never messed with one of these. It’s pretty cool so far! Anyway I rebuilt the stock carburetor. Before I rebuilt it it would idle okay but as soon as you touched the gas pedal it would die. Now it will idle great and sitting in the drive way it will rev of you blip the throttle but if you go flat on the floor it falls on its face and will not rev. I took it for a drive last night and it will not accelerate. I blocked every vacuum line except the one going to the distributor. I’m looking into getting a Weber for him but I want to see if I can get this one going first. I’m addition the parking lights and dash lights work but the headlights are inop... and there’s a drain on the battery somewhere. Any ideas? Thanks guys!

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