Y34 '04 M45 seized caliper, warranty needed

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Y34 '04 M45 seized caliper, warranty needed

Postby xxNite » Tue Aug 13, 2013 12:08 pm

My '04 Y34 M45 as much as I love it, has become a ticking-time-bomb as of late.
with 66Kmiles and being barely driven 2K miles a year, I am paying a significant cost in incidental repairs with a car that sits more than it is driven. My Infiniti Gold Elite warranty ran-out in 6/2012 and I've had nothing but grief since it lapsed. The Infiniti stealership offered to extend by 1 year for $1800 and that seemed horribly excessive. but now having paid $600 for a replacement ABS wheel sensor (remember, there are 3 left that will eventually crap-out) and being faced with a$600 seized caliper replacement (remember, there are 3 of these, too that will eventually crap-out)... I am trying to figure how to move forward in a cost effective manner. I need to purchase another extended warranty that will cover these future costs when they arrive.

1.) any suggestion on a decent warranty company that will handle a car w/ 66K miles already on it

2.) what's the best route to getting a caliper replacement done for less than $600

Please keep in mind I have no intentions of getting rid of my M45. I love the car (heck, I flew to Chicago to buy it and drove it back to Philadelphia PA)

Thanks in advance,

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