Wife wants Murano over FX35. Is she right?

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Wife wants Murano over FX35. Is she right?

Postby Jwicke4 » Thu Aug 29, 2013 8:00 pm

We are now in the market for a crossover SUV (baby planning) and my wife having owned a Sentra likes the Murano. I, having owned a Q45, guided her to the FX35. She test drove FX35 today and loved it but thinks she is getting better value for the money to stick with the Murano.
Knowing my wife is usually correct, I recommended we look at the specs. The cargo cubic ft., torque, horsepower, head/leg room and safety options are almost identical except for fog lights and HIDs (as if fog lights ever saved a life?)

What is the real deal with the Infinit? Is the suspension and handling that much better? Other than perhaps some extra trim quality, is the FX just a name?

Come on guys, help me make my case for the Infinti!

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Re: Wife wants Murano over FX35. Is she right?

Postby kingfrog » Wed Sep 04, 2013 10:48 am

Cache.......and a few extra toys here ane there. Lets face it. Both cars are made of metal.plastic and similar materials. The dealerships are different to imply there is an additional value. But at thje end of the day you do get a real geared transmission, Rsale vlaue in actual dollars is way better on the Murano. Would you Pay $3000 less for a $40000 car? I would have to save at least $7000 to buy a year old car with 12K over a new $40,000 car so in that regard a $12,000 RIO has a better resale value in ACTUAL DOLLARS.

Buy the car you want and concentrate on driving from the INSIDE OUT and not the outside in and you will make the right choice

NOW THAT SAID a 4 year old EX35 Journey with 25K miles at $23,000 is a better bet than a New Murano financially as the major depreciation has been taken and the Murano is just beginning to take the first big hit.

Another consideration. The market for 8 year old highline cars is very narrow due to the high costs of repair. Especially MBs and BMWs. Not to mention the creature comforts are not on par with a new Ford Focus.......

Just my Opinion as I look for a southern 4 year old EX35 Journey for $<21,000. WAIT until October when EVERY car you are looking at today slips a year in value.

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Re: Wife wants Murano over FX35. Is she right?

Postby Q451990 » Wed Sep 04, 2013 11:08 am

At least they're both made in Japan. I think the big difference (as king frog said) is the AT vs. CVT preference. If you're going to have your vehicle serviced at the dealership - the customer service on the Infiniti side is typically far better than Nissan. Not true at every dealership, but in theory that's the case. The base warranty is typically longer on an Infiniti vs. Nissan - so there's value there - but only you can decide if it's enough to sway you to part with the extra cash.


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Re: Wife wants Murano over FX35. Is she right?

Postby seldomseen » Thu Oct 24, 2013 2:09 pm

A fully loaded Murano is a nice vehicle. If getting the Murano is a money saving alternative go with the Murano. If this is your first child you will appreciate the money saved on monthly payments, insurance, taxes, maintenance, et cetera. I would also suggest putting down $5k - $10k as well.

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Re: Wife wants Murano over FX35. Is she right?

Postby AWGD8 » Sun Nov 03, 2013 11:46 am

I bought the Ex35 when my son was 6 years old. Coming from Honda 2002 CRV when we was born until 2 , to 2005 Honda Pilot at age 2 to 6 . Got a 2008 Rav4 for 6 months still he was 6 years old. I saw a 0% financing for the Ex35 in which that time, the car was not selling well and there was 5-8K dollars incentive in addition to the zero percent. Trade in my 6 months old RAV4 sports V6 that i had finance at 6.7%. Upside down by 8K on the trade in, but got the 8k Infiniti incentive plus the 0% financing. I was just paying $50 more for the EX35 from my original Toyota payments. It was a no brainer and I never looked back. The Ex35 is night and day difference from the previous cars I mentioned.

I know car is not an investment and it is a money pit, but the 2 Honda cars were just leased.

My son just turned 11 years old now at 5 feet , 89Ibs. He never complained about the legroom from 6 years old to 11. I heard the 2008 Ex35 rear legroom is thighter than the new ones? Mine is an 08, but works out! I also forgot that my wife is petite at 5'3" 109-110 Ibs.

I also found out that the service pricing from my local Nissan dealer vs my local Infiniti service dept. are the same. I did ask the price for oil change, tranny flash, rear diff flash etc. all the same except, you'll find more grumpy people working in the Nissan service dept than the Infiniti. And you also have better service lounge and free car (EX35,37, G37 etc.) to use if you decided not to wait, while servicing your car. That ease of service in the Infiniti is what you paid extra with the Infiniti, and the 1 year extra road side assistance vs Nissan. Ease of service with Infiniti is priceless in my opinion for paying an extra grand or 2.

I highly recommend test driving a Certified used EX35 ( $23-28k) certified means extended warranty up to 70-100k miles included. With the EX35 you have 2 car in one The EX35 hatch gives you more room to put stuff in, specially if you lower the larger rear seat and the sedan gives you the thrill of driving vs the Murano.

Kingfrog made a good point and he just bought his Ex35 recently.

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