Which mud flaps do I use for '07 G35s Sedan??

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Which mud flaps do I use for '07 G35s Sedan??

Postby Clean_G » Thu Aug 25, 2016 9:58 am

2007 G35s Sedan w/tech (not sure that matters for this)

Just picked up a G35 a few weeks ago, and I have searched and searched for which mud flaps will fit my model G and can't find a clear answer. I've seen plenty pictures of V36 sedans with mud flaps, but I can't ever tell if they're G37 or a different year G35 or if it even matters?

I apologize if this is a common question, but it's been driving me crazy. Would love for someone to give a part number for which ones will fit, but any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

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