Which 370z is the best?

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Which 370z is the best?

Postby fcp4life » Sat Jul 07, 2018 4:23 pm

Hello all! I'm Andre, so long story short, graduated from nursing school and began working full time (no student loans) Currently I own a 2004 G35 Coupe in 6-speed and as much as I love the car its just not that feeling you get in the Z car in my opinion...

- So I've been searching all throughout the web, and I find a lot more 370z's then I do 350z's especially in a 6-speed. My question is which model/year are the best? I would be daily driving the car more often than not unless it snows. I do love heated seats that the Touring offers, but the Nismo just seems to stand out above the rest, are there certain Nismo years better than the others? or is it safer to go with the touring and perhaps adding Nismo parts on it? Or say to hell with the 370z, and find a decent 350z

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Re: Which 370z is the best?

Postby Bubba1 » Mon Jul 09, 2018 6:05 am

It boils down to how much you plan to spend. I went with a 2003 touring model non-brembo 350Z, for the luxury goodies (like heated leather seats not available in the "track" model), and then upgraded the brakes to better than the stock brembos as I do a lotta track days. As far as which model year 370Z or 350z is best for DD useage? Probably the newer the better, but that'll require more money. 370's have been around 2009, and haven't changed much during its entire run. The 350Z dates back to 2003, so they're gonna be significantly cheaper. But to find pristine unmolested 6 speed 350's that haven't been abused by young people that can now afford them is getting more challenging. If you're thinking 350Z, the early ones have a more jarring ride, so you might look at the better riding later ones if you plan DD duty. For commuting, I'd personally lean more toward 370 before a 350, but that's more $. fwiw, I'd also choose a G35/G37 for commuting before a Z. the G's more comfortable, and more practical than the Z with the same performance. ;) Enjoy.

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Re: Which 370z is the best?

Postby CarGuy87 » Thu Feb 28, 2019 10:52 am

I'll be honest 370z is a better car in almost every way compared to the 350z, specially if you want the bells and whistles like you describe you look for. It depends on your budget and how picky you want to be.

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Re: Which 370z is the best?

Postby Yoda's Master » Wed Sep 11, 2019 12:57 am

If you get a 370z, then get a 2013+ model. I think the 2013+ has a stronger motor and less likely, not impossible, to have the gallery gasket blow out. Whether you get a Z or G, first thing you should do is swap out the diff bushing, rear subframe bushings, trans mount, engine mounts, and add a diff brace. You'll thank yourself later.

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