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Where to Buy

Postby Exar-Kun » Fri Apr 04, 2003 3:06 pm

Ok guys and gals, here’s the list of “where to buy” for suspension items, under each link I listed what they carry, to my knowledge. I encourage anyone to check out the sponsors to the left, and have listed most the the following links. If anyone knows that a company carries another brand, or another company that carries 240sx/silvia suspension parts, please let me know.

The Tire Rack Suspension PageKoni, KYB, Eibach, H&R

Trophy Nissan

Heavy Throttle JIC,KYB, Cusco, NISMO, TEIN, Apex-I, GP sports

MVP Motorsports Apex-I, Cusco, Eibach, HKS, Tanabe, TEIN

PDM Racing Whiteline, KYB

Phase 2 Motortrend TEIN, Battle Version, Apex-I, JIC, Eibach, HKS,Cusco, Toda

Roll Hard performanceApex-I, Tokico

Enjuku RacingCusco, TEIN, GP sports, Apex-I, Suspension Techniques

Japan Parts Cusco

Options Auto Salon Apex-I,HKS, TEIN

Intense MotorsportsTEIN, Apex-I, DO-Luck, GP sports

Strano Parts GAB, KYB, Eibach, Suspension Tehcniques, Koni, H&R

Ground Control custom coilovers

SPL parts Zeal, Tein, JIC, Border racing, SPL in-house parts

Taka Kiara, JapanImport most anything: Cusco, Apex, HKS, etc

Pinnacle Nissan and Infiniti Nismo, OE parts

LS automotive HPI, Battle Version, misc house parts, etc

that about does it, any questions or comments, put them in this thread, or e-mail me. suggestions, or other links welcome(Suspension items only please!). I want this thread to be where every 240 owner goes to find distributors for suspension parts. Enjoy, and dont run up your credit cards too much.

*I encourage you guys to check our sponsors on the left before the others, because the owners of those companies are active members of NICO, or help keep the site running . Thanks! -chet

thanks to Dori Dori, Matt

*deleted and moved some stuff, if I deleted it, it's a manufacturer, whos products you can buy form a vendor above. otherwise I added it. E-mail me if you had good experiences and want me to put a vendor/business up*

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