What's best for a nice drop: Springs and/or Coilovers

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What's best for a nice drop: Springs and/or Coilovers

Postby Steignie » Wed Feb 05, 2020 6:14 am

Hi everyone,

I read around on the forums and there's great information but I'm a little unsure of what's best for dropping my car which is a Mazda3, 2004 sedan, with 16" OEMs. Here are a few questions if you all can help me out, it would be great!

1. can I just get springs to drop the car?
2. do I need a camber kit to get a nice drop?
3. do they have coilovers for Mazda3, 2004 sedan instead of getting just springs?
4. would you need to get an RWB after you drop the car?
5. when dropping the car, should I change the struts/shocks with the springs and/or coilovers?

Thanks again, guys/girls!

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