What is the best size & touring tire (for comfort) on my 2004 FX45?

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What is the best size & touring tire (for comfort) on my 2004 FX45?

Postby imnprsd » Tue Nov 16, 2021 1:01 am

I just bought this 2004 Infinity FX45, 315HP, AWD machine and it has 20" wheels and 265/50R20 tires; and I find really grips the road and feels every bump.

I'm 60+ and love the looks, power and handling, but I drive more like an old-man who every once in a while likes to step-on-it. I'm also a Michelin Man and am leaning heavily towards the V-rated Michelin Primacy AS-XL; or the new H-rated Bridgestone Alenza AS Ultra which boasts 80,000 mile and UTQG rating of 800AA vs the Pirmacy that is a 55,000 mile tire and has a UTQG rating of 540AA.

A) Can anyone tell me what the best "comfort" tire is on the market the fits my OEM 20" wheel and low profile tire 265/50R20?


B) Has anyone "up-sized" to the 255/55R20? ...Why am I asking?


* I used the Tire comparison charts and found this tire is just 1/2" taller (+2%) and about 1/4" narrower (-3.8%).

* The Michelin Primacy AS-XL is a V-rated tire; and the Brigdgestone Alenze AS-Ultra is a H-rated tire, which is still pretty fast, and has received a lot of good press. (Priced at ~$240 ea.)

* Here's there rub: The 255/55R20 is a tire mostly used on minivans and some SUVs. So right there, you know it's made for comfort more than performance. However, I'm thinking that this modern tire should still preform very well vs the construction and composition of rubber used in 2004 vintage tires that came stock on my 265/50R20 tires.

* Moreover, I'm thinking the 1/4" narrower tire will "lighten" the feel of the steering wheel -- making it more comfortable to drive and maybe more "nimble" too. (Just a guess vs. going with a wider tire... like the 275/50R20 that is used on a lot of highend SUVs made between 2010-2022.

So for all us "aging" FX45 owners who want a more comfortable ride in our 1st generation FX45's, what have you done to accomplish this?

...And/or what do you think about using a 255/55R20 to replace the OEM tires? ...And how much performance do you think I will be missing if go this route?

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