Weird power seat issue 2005 Maxima

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Weird power seat issue 2005 Maxima

Postby CB900C » Mon Sep 03, 2018 11:38 am

This is on an '05 SL. I've been having a problem for a while now with the feature that moves the seat back and the steering wheel up out of the way. Everything worked when I got the car and for several months after, but then whenever I moved the shifter the drivers seat would jog forward a fraction of an inch, worst part of this was the power seat would stop working after this happened as well so I can't move it back. So every time I shifted from park to drive or back to park I'd edge closer to the wheel and wasn't able to move back.

The easy exit features quit working at this time too.

I saw some info about the brushes in the power seat motor may have issues on some Max's so we pulled the seat and checked those out and they seemed fine.

Now we get to the annoying / weird part. After putting the seat back in and everything worked normally.... For about 3 minutes. then it went back into dumb mode, all the same issues. Disconnecting the battery for a few minutes seems to reset that, again for a couple minutes and then it derps again.

If I leave the power seat disconnected the steering wheel part of the easy exit works. for a while and then will randomly stop working after a couple days until the battery is disconnected again. Since this has been happening the battery dies within a couple days if the car sits without running.

Anyone ever have any similar issues, or tips?

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