VQ35HR clacking noise from engine

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VQ35HR clacking noise from engine

Postby Infiniti4infiniti » Mon May 15, 2017 12:20 pm

Need some help homies... Have an engine noise. Only under acceleration and in gear can you really hear it. No engine codes and I just had new plugs and a serp belt put on hoping that would solve the issue. Dealership said they could find anything..... It's not the normal vq35 valve train/fuel rail ticking found at idol. It seems to be concentrated around the front of engine in the water pump/alternator are. im not having electrical issues. i had the drive accessories checked for pulley play when they put the new serp belt on and they said all was good. The noise is almost diesel like and it starts at 2200 rpm while accelerating through the gears and under load and can be heard up to 5500 rpm.,,,, hard to simulate idling and revving the engine. turning on the ac slightly muffles the noise but not completely. I have had timing chain tensioner theory as well as water pump starting to fail. Again no engine codes and figured the knock sensor would pick up anything upper valve train related like a lifter or rod. The sound is similar to piston slap/rod knock thus why I am calling it a "clacking" noise to separate it from a ticking noise. I have some what locate the source area of the front of the motor using the long screw driver to the ear method.
Any therioes/ links to you tube videos or replays to this thread much appreciated!!!!!!or any one in the DFW area that could take a look at it.
I always use 93 octane and full synthetic oil every 4k miles. Fuel injector/seaform cleaner every oil change so i don't think it's fuel related but I could be wrong. Fuel injectors do tick but this is separate from what I am experiencing.

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