VQ30DD & VQ35DE project

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VQ30DD & VQ35DE project

Postby satraver » Sun Aug 01, 2021 4:38 am

Hi Nico Cub

My son and I inherited a very unloved 2002 V35 with a VQ30D down here in Aus. Unfortunately there was a snapped rod in piston 1 and after stripping it down today the only good parts left are bolt on accessories, crank and heads + 5 remaining pistons. Awesome hole in the side of the block.

Luckily we just picked up a VQ35DE for a couple bucks that has 2 snapped rods but otherwise bottom and top end are good for rebuild but no harness or ecu. Long block VQ35s aren't as in abundance down here as they are in the US as we lived on SR, RBs and 2Js for the last 20 odd years, but I see there is a wealth of experience of VQs in the US, I'm hoping to learn about.

While I continue trawling thru the threads here I was wondering if anyone has tried any stoking or de-stroking VQ engines with DD/DE combos and had any experience with the direct injection systems?

We're not specifically building it for performance or throwing a spooly boy on it but rather the challenge.

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