VLine for non-nav stereos shipping now - maps and music for your car

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VLine for non-nav stereos shipping now - maps and music for your car

Postby gromaudio » Wed Nov 07, 2018 6:15 pm

Hi all,
We are happy to announce that we completed the manufacturing, and now shipping VLine Infotainment Systems for select Infiniti vehicles without navigation.


VLine (https://gromaudio.com/vline/) is a Android based car infotainment system and computing unit that is designed for in-vehicle use. By integrating VLine VL2 into the vehicle's infotainment system, the driver gets the access to the latest mobile technology such as Google and Waze Maps, music apps, and voice control, all while keeping original factory stereo. The maps and music streaming apps are displayed directly on the factory infotainment screen, sound flows through the vehicle speaker system, and integration with car stereo and steering wheel controls provide extra safety and convenience for both drivers and the passengers.

See the demo video here:

Current compatibility list (all US and Canada vehicles):

Infiniti EX35 2008-2009 (no NAV)
Infiniti EX35/EX37 2010-2013 (No NAV)
Infiniti FX35/45/50 2009-2009 (No NAV)
Infiniti FX35/45/50 2010-2013 (No NAV)
Infiniti G35/35S Coupe 2008-2009 (No NAV)
Infiniti G35/35S Coupe 2010-2013 (No NAV)
Infiniti G35/35S Sedan 2007-2007 (No NAV)
Infiniti G35/35S Sedan 2008-2009 (No NAV)
Infiniti G35/35S Sedan 2010-2013 (No NAV)
Infiniti G37/37S 2008-2009 (No NAV)
Infiniti G37/37S 2010-2013 (No NAV)
Infiniti G Convertible 2010-2013 (No NAV)
Infiniti G Coupe 2010-2013 (No NAV)
Infiniti G Sedan 2010-2013 (No NAV)
Infiniti Q40 2015-2015 (No NAV)
Infiniti Q60 2014-2015 (No NAV)

We are happy to answer to any questions you may have!

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