VH45 Stainless Valve Cover/Ignition Fastener Kits

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VH45 Stainless Valve Cover/Ignition Fastener Kits

Postby AcadianaSportsCars » Sat Sep 20, 2014 8:46 am

A buddy of ours in the PNW is in the middle of building a VH45 for a project and asked if we could help him put together some stainless fasteners to help dress things up under the hood.


Acadiana Sports Car Orphanage is proud to offer this kit for "Series 2" VH45DE engines as found in the 1993-95 Infiniti Q45 sedan. Our kit not only improves the visual appearance of your engine bay to observers, but also provides the corrosion protection that only stainless steel fasteners can provide - our kits come with fasteners in even places that are not easily seen, simply to make life easier for the care and maintenance of your VH-powered ride!

Our kit totals a whopping 180 pieces and comes with the following replacement fasteners:

Thirty-Six (36) Valve Cover Cap Nuts
Thirty-Six (36) Valve Cover Neoprene-Backed Bonded Valve Cover Washers
Sixteen (16) Coil Cover Allen Head Bolts
Twenty-Four (24) Ignition Coil Mounting Bolts
Forty-Eight (48) Ignition Coil Mounting Washers
Eight (8) Ignitor Chip Bracket Bolts
Four (4) Ignitior Chip Mounting Bolts
Eight (8) Ignitor Chip Mounting Washers
Two (2) Packets of Anti-Seize Compound

This full kit is available on our website for 49.95 shipped anywhere in the US. Each section is identified by the included call out sheet and is super easy to install.

Check them out here - http://store.acadianasportscars.com/bk035-0012

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