VG30DE fuel injection

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VG30DE fuel injection

Postby NostalgicMannerism » Sun May 28, 2017 9:44 am

Want to replace the fuel injectors on my 300zx n/a. Any suggestions on some good and reliable, but not too pricey ones?

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Re: VG30DE fuel injection

Postby DCaff300ZX » Sun Jun 04, 2017 10:57 am

Your post would get far more attention in the Z32 section, BTW.

My Z32 mechanic is a very honest and knowledgeable guy, here's his advice for this situation:
The OEM injectors, although flawed and their internals the cause of their demise due to ethanol in the gas plus electrolysis issues, have lasted 23+ years until now and a new set of OEM injectors will do much the same, or realistically last far longer without issues than you will most likely own your his advice on the cost-only basis was simply replace with stock which does away with the necessary adaptors and other fuel-related issues with upgrading. I did this with my NA.

HOWEVER, if you DO plan to upgrade and potentially own your Z32 for a long time as I have (owner since 2003) since with my TT engine upgrade, upgrading the injectors is essential but not inexpensive even when going with good used, and/or non-OEM solutions such as I had done. However, that route is far cheaper than buying new, upgraded components everywhere they are needed. Reasons for upgrade are usually ECU/fuel control, and the problems there you would discover when/if researching that option so I won't bore you there.

So look at stock replacement as your choice of action and also at the "voltage always on" mod (removes current from the injector as the '95 and later models have wired in by the factory, for the electrolysis problem) and you should be good for another 50K miles easily, at least from the injector standpoint. BUT, be ready to fight the well-known corrosion issues with most engine control connectors (IACV, PTU, CAS, CTS most notorious) as your next battles ahead.
Good Luck!

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