VG30/33E Crankshaft Connecting Rod Journal Width???

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VG30/33E Crankshaft Connecting Rod Journal Width???

Postby Resbum » Tue Nov 08, 2016 10:15 am

Note, this is for a normally aspirated 3.3, high compression, engine build to eventually replace the OEM 3.0 in my 95 Pathfinder. HP/Torque goals approx. 15% over stock 3.3 specs. Ultimate goal is to maximize normally aspirated low end torque. No pipe dreams here.

I've spent the morning combing over all my saved tech/service/factory data, and checking all my online sources and can't find these answers.

Can anybody tell me how WIDE (not diameter) the the rod journal is on a VG33E crankshaft?

Or, how wide the connecting rod big end is supposed to be?

Also, is a VG rod offset (if so, how much) or is the piston centered over the crank journal?

Specifically, what I'm looking for is just how wide of a connecting rod will physically fit on the rod journal of a VG33E crankshaft??

I'm asking because I think I found a non-Nissan connecting rod that might work with minimal machining for people considering mods inside their engine. All specs work except the lack of data concerning rod big end/crank journal width. If this connecting rod does turn out to be doable it opens the possibility of couple 10.5:1 and 10.9:1 compression options. And some even higher options with some conservative combustion chamber clearancing.

Sorry, for not saying which connecting rod I'm exploring. I want to check this last info and make sure all my ducks are truly in a row. If it passes this test I'll say which one it is, and hopefully someone can shoot the idea down if I've missed something.

Thanks. Resbum

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