VF40 turbo maybe!

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VF40 turbo maybe!

Postby lexcrob » Wed Nov 16, 2011 11:18 pm

I got a free turbo today from work that was thought to be blown. Its not at all .....people are so dumb its never even been mounted. It is literally a brand new in the box subaru genuine vf40 (08 ish gt legacy).

Anyways guess im back in the game for another go round at a turbo set up. I learned alot of lessons from the last one "NO BUDGET KAT so hopefully i can come out better.

I guess the subaru guys strap these vf40's on 2.0 wrx's pumping out roughly 270 from what ive seen. Paired from the factory to a 2.5 liter im thinking this will work a little better than my last t25 snail.

Ill have to figure out which manifold may work and find those adapter flanges i stumble upon on ebay. Then onto finding wastgate rating which is 11-14 with the pill" guess ill bench test this week to find out.

Anyways what you guys think?
Manifold suggestions?
Oil line restrictor honestly dont know if its ball bearing- assume its not due to minor shaft play ?
Possibly gonna run coolant lines where to branch off?
intercooler kit suggestions?

^trying to get a better idea this time on whats working and whats not -last time i heard ebay was all crap then everyones running this and that no problems* :inout:

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