Versa sales growth hits plateau -- what can Nissan do? (if they care to do aything)?

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Versa sales growth hits plateau -- what can Nissan do? (if they care to do aything)?

Postby txchamps » Fri Jun 05, 2015 7:24 pm

OK Versa fans and friends. May sales numbers are out, and the Versa is still 16th best seller of all cars year-to-date. That's the same position it held last year at this same time, and the sales creeped up .8% as against a market that fell by exactly the same amount. However for May vs. May, they are down a whopping 10%, while the market place itself shows only a 3.4% decline in cars overall. ... model.html

It appears that the froth is off the mug now, and that Nissan needs to decide whether they want to grow this segment or let the chips fall where they may. It's too early for a major redesign, and they can't very well stuff more features into it for fear of losing the coveted "lowest price on the market" tag line.

I am wondering what would happen if they upgraded to the old 1.8 litre engine with the old 6-speed, and offered it on more than just the base models. Or even keep the 1.6, and offer the 6 speed as an option on ALL trims. (God knows it needs a 6th gear). And for the love of all that is holy, get rid of that awful 4-speed AT! Could they grow sales on that, even though it would probably jump up the base price some $300 or so? So they lose the "lowest price" designation -- they'll still be the top-selling subcompact, right? ... .html#more

Any thoughts?

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