vacuum pump pcv system

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vacuum pump pcv system

Postby mott6904 » Fri Feb 15, 2008 4:56 pm

I have been reading how some v8 chevy guys disconnect the factory pcv system and re-route the sytsem into a catch can and then to a vacuum pump. So the vacuum pump sucks out the pressure out of the block. Supposibly this increases power because the engine can spin up faster and have less drag on the engine. Does this sound right and do you think that it would increase power enough to justify buying the pump, catch can and hoses? Not to mention you would have no oil leaks since there is vacuum in the pan. If you are running a catch can the is vented to air and not into the engine wouldnt there by no pressure in the pan? What do you think about this?

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Re: vacuum pump pcv system (mott6904)

Postby Joe » Fri Feb 15, 2008 5:03 pm

IF there is a gain, its so minimal its not worth the effort. there is no way to get the engine into a large enough of a vacuum to reduce drag where it would make a difference.

look at it this way, how much do, pistons, rods, crankshaft, camshafts, accessory drives, flywheel, clutch, transmission, driveshaft, rear end, axles brakes wheels and tires weigh? a lot right? the air in your engine, doesnt reduce ANY reciprocating mass therefore would do no good in removing it because you still have to turn all of that ****.

and you could still have oil leaks. oil leaks arent there because of pressure in the engine. they are a failed seal.

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