upgrading r34 turbo wastegates?

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upgrading r34 turbo wastegates?

Postby Sh00bs » Mon Sep 17, 2018 5:12 am

Hi all, so im running r34 turbo's on my r32 gtr. build engine (low comp forged pistons, crank..), cams, r33 5spd, haltech ecu, 1050 injectors, audi r8 ignition, AMS1000 unit.. etc etc,, all supporting mods to push higher hp
wastegates alone im showing 8lbs, so off my rule of thumb i should be able to push around 16psi until i break the springs - mechanically speaking.
Wondering if im safe to push more on these (i would imagine so but not sure) or if i can upgrade the wastegate spring or just upgrade the wastegates themselves. the HKS units are only a little over $300 for the pair iirc ? which doesnt seem bad.
My goal isnt much, 500-550whp, shooting for low to mid 20's psi outta the turbo's. i think im totally capable of this
why not more with the mods? want to keep it reliable and not push any of the parts to their limits... i plan on driving it a lot / pretty regularly so i'd like everything to last a decent time before replacing / upgrading

give me your input on my wastegate and boost situation if you will. THANKS!!

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Posts: 5
Joined: Wed Jan 04, 2017 3:28 pm
Car: '91 GTR PT6266
'85 rx7 w/F20 swap

Re: upgrading r34 turbo wastegates?

Postby Sh00bs » Mon Oct 01, 2018 10:25 am

welp, looks like i have the Garrett GT2860R-7's, with stock wastegates. Looking at the turbosmart wastegates with the brown/grey or brown/red springs (for ~25psi boost)

http://www.turbosmartdirect.com/Product ... Black.html

thoughts on these ?

for anyone interested, the build list.. .

Autowatch cat 1 alarm fitted
Water pump and ps pipe replaced by rk tuning
Flexi in the downpipe changed
Meister R coilovers
Ps rack rebuilt also with poly rack bushes and solid column bush
R33 gtr gearbox from a 60k car fitted by rk tuning along with all fluids changed
Do luck ignition hard wire kit - audi R8 coil packs and adapter harness
Solid fabrications downpipe back exhaust system
Tomei fuel pump
Deatschwerks hard wire fuel pump kit
Nismo adj fpr
Forged and balanced bottom end by RK motorworks
Hks 264 step 1 cams
Garrett gt2860-7 turbos
Greddy adj cam gears
Hks cambelt
N1 oil pump
Extended and baffled rk sump
Rk catch tank
Apexi air filters
Haltech Platinum pro running Map to intake manifold tuned by JPC in Maryland on 8psi wastegate
Twin turbo pie has the divider fitted
FIC 1050cc injectors
AMS 1000 boost controller
Oil cooler
Relocated oil filter kit
Alloy rad
Trust fmic
Hks triple plate clutch
Greddy hard pipe kit
Hks downpipe
Aftermarket turbo elbows
Full silicone water and intake kit
Braided fuel lines
underbody 4point chassis brace
Nismo upper and lower rear arms
Adj front upper arms
Adj front tension rods
Strut brace front and rear
Fiber glass bonnet with a vent
R33 brembo calipers all round with ebc yellow stuff on rear
Always run on V power and Motul 15w50 300v oil

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