Unexplained Engine Revving

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Unexplained Engine Revving

Postby kimbill » Sun Mar 25, 2018 4:56 pm

Unexplained engine revving.

The patient is a 2011 G37, automatic,coupe,85k mi.
I was entering a familiar down hill curve too fast, and hit the brakes firmly, no lock up. When we slowed down to a safer speed, I could hear the engine had revved up more than expected for that speed. I think it had down shifted. After a few seconds the rpm dropped to normal. What the hell was that? Then we had several days of trouble free shifting, until yesterday, it did it again when I came up on a string of stopped cars on the highway, I hit the brakes firmly , then the same brief engine revving just as the car slowed down. A second later the rpm dropped and we carried on.

What might be happening?

The first 85k miles have been 100% trouble free, just gas, oil, tires and brake pads.


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Re: Unexplained Engine Revving

Postby audtatious » Mon Mar 26, 2018 9:36 am

Weird....I've only had it do similar when I had the car in sport mode but not when in normal drive.

I remember the KG, was not a fan. Wasn't a fan of the Porsche 914 of the era either. As time passes I've come to respect what they were but still would not want to own one :)

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