Turbo Ka24e shutting off when throttle closes?

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Turbo Ka24e shutting off when throttle closes?

Postby Burstburst » Sat Sep 26, 2020 5:42 pm

I recently put a turbo on my truck, it’s just the turbo no tune no fuel management or anything yet. It runs fine maybe a little rich (I do plan on doing a RS Enthralapy ecu and injectors.) the main problem I have is that whenever I get off the throttle to clutch in and brake or something the engine just dies out completely. I think it’s not getting any air because when I start back up it’s very rich. It runs fine when I’m driving and keeping load on the engine. My suspicion is the secondary idle air control valve.

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Re: Turbo Ka24e shutting off when throttle closes?

Postby WDRacing » Thu Jan 14, 2021 7:42 am

I'd be careful running boost without adding fuel, that's a recipe for blowing a motor if there ever was one. I suggest looking into a FMU, this Paxton unit is under $50.

You're most likely stalling because you have your BOV vented to the atmosphere. This causes an extremely rich condition to occur when you get off the throttle because you're releasing air that the MAF already measured and added fuel for. The fixes are plumbing the BOV vent back into the intake or having your MAF positioned in a blow thru style vs pull thru. Where the BOV is put between the MAF and the turbo. The easiest way to check for certain that the BOV is causing your problem is to remove it and plug the hole. You can even run without a BOV it just isn't ideal as some air is forced back through the turbo compressor when the throttle is closed. It's not too detrimental imho.

If you have question about the FMU ask away.


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