Trying to Trace the '81 510 Brake Lines

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Trying to Trace the '81 510 Brake Lines

Postby n4hmr » Mon Sep 03, 2018 1:04 pm

Hello -

Need a little help, please.

I have an '81 510 wagon with the 2L NAP-Z engine and straight drive. The front driver-side wheel brake cylinder is without fluid - cannot bleed it. The master cylinder was replaced in 2014. I found the mast cyl front chamber (primary) real low on fluid but not down in the piston area yet.

I am able to bleed the front passenger side cylinder - get good fluid squirts - so I am presuming that the master cylinder is good. I have loosened the drvr side bleed screw and we pumped the brakes many times - not a drop of fluid comes out and the fluid level in the mast cyl doesn't drop.

I have the Nissan '81 510 Service Manual, and found the NP-valve drawing - two lines back to the mast cyl and one each to the front and rear wheels. Given that the psgr side bleeds ok, it doesn't seem likely that the problem is with the NP-valve either.

I disconnected the inlet line to the drvr side cyl and used my finger to cover the end of the line. Multiple brake pumps pushed no fluid out. I was told that the rubber hose line could be collapsed inside or the blockage could be further up toward the NP-valve. There has to be another distribution splitter block for the front wheels between the wheels and the NP-valve. But where is it?

I am just getting over back surgery in early August so my dexterity is quite limited for now. I find no drawings in the manual for the brake line routings, so does anyone know of any online documents that would show the routing?

Having some idea of where stuff is (supposed to be) would help considerably. Any other thoughts as to what the problem could be would also be welcomed. I've bled a number of brake lines in my 74 years but this one is trying to kick my butt. And I ain't happy about it!

Any help will be appreciated!



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