Titan 7 wheels (on Skyline, or other relevant Nissan)

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Titan 7 wheels (on Skyline, or other relevant Nissan)

Postby bennyt » Sat Nov 23, 2019 4:36 pm

Hi folks,

New here but seeking some help on Titan 7 wheels (titan-7.com). I've searched the forum but can find no reference to anyone owning them. In fact I can't find anyone on the entire Internet (via google) that has them on a Nissan that I could plausibly contact.

So I have a Skyline R33 GTSt, and the problem is, forking out nearly 3 grand on a set of wheels that I can't physically check for size, or even inspect for quality. I'm based in Europe but all three European distributors (UK, Germany, Switzerland) that I can access have no stock that could plausibly fit a Nissan (i.e. any 5x114.3). Tbh, the distributors and Titan-7 themselves have been pretty unhelpful and don't seem interested in trying to provide access to a suitable wheel, or anyone that has some fitted already. In fact, they don't seem that bothered about making a sale. Part of the problem is that titan-7 are a US company, so supply in Europe is apparently limited to ship on demand.

I am 95% confident on the size and offset required, but of course, that doesn't amount to s*** if, after handing over the money, there is a fitment issue because of model specific characteristics (or they look crap).

So, at this point I would be interested in contacting anyone that has some of these bolted to any relevant Nissan (Skyline, S13 / 14 / 15, 350z, Fairlady, etc). Any information on how the offsets line up would be very helpful. As I said, supplier and distributor relatively unable / unwilling to support.

Hit me up if you have any experience. Thanks

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