Thottle body Questions 5.6L QX80- Check Engine

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Thottle body Questions 5.6L QX80- Check Engine

Postby ringqx80 » Thu Feb 28, 2019 2:08 pm

Hello, I'm a new member looking someone that maybe had the same issues/resolutions for a check engine light.
I was getting 9 miles to a gallon.
Replaced Accelerator Pedal and Sensor Assembly( Nissan Part) Due to App Sensor reads all the time.
Replaced Throttle Control Motor and Replaced Throttle body( Techsmart brand) and had Nissan perform a relearn. After 25+miles, check engine light came on .
I replaced the MAF sensor with an aftermarket, but ended up putting the factory one back when wacky things started to occur.
Still getting a PO101 code
Changed Vapor Canister Valve and still have a check engine light PO101 code.
Good news, I'm getting about avg 16miles per gallon now city/hwy combo .

The Nissan Tech I spoke with said " Since it has a aftermarket Throttle body part, your check engine light will pop on" Is there truth to that? He said if I used a Nissan Throttle Body, this would resolve your P0101 code. Thoughts?

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