TCM/Valve Body or Front Brake Solenoid Issue

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TCM/Valve Body or Front Brake Solenoid Issue

Postby ryanbabs » Sun Apr 21, 2019 7:24 pm

I had the dreaded P1757 code a few weeks back. I tried to reset it, but it always comes back and goes into the 4th gear limp mode after a while. After much research, I assumed that I had the infamous broken circuit bus that could be fixed by re-soldering it. After I took everything apart, there is no broken piece on the board and I checked it over with a multimeter and did not find any glaring issues. I did, however, find that the Front Brake solenoid itself had a reading of 24.9 ohms, whereas the other solenoids read 6.4 ohms, except for the low coast brake solenoid, which read 27 ohms and seems to be normal. I did a lot of research and it seems the Front Brake solenoid should be at 6.4 ohms, it seems a faulty solenoid would result in a much higher reading than 24.9 ohms?

I have been debating buying only a new solenoid, but I'm afraid I'll put all of this back together and still have an issue. I made a huge mess with the ATF even after putting all sorts of underlayment in my garage. Would it be better to replace the TCM or the entire valve body (and TCM) or is there a good chance the solenoid is the problem? It also seems that finding a direct match to my valve body will require a lot of research, aside going to the dealer and paying their ridiculous fees.

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