Tall windshield install question

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Tall windshield install question

Postby mpt_tank » Thu Jan 31, 2019 10:35 am

Hello, I have been building my roadster for a while now, I am done with the paint and am attempting to install the windshield. I bought new rubber with the correct channel for the trim, I had the trim polished and it looks great. Here is the issue / questions -- How the heck do you get the trim in that little groove and to stay put?
From reading as much as I can I found that this is best done prior to installing it in the car.
What I have done is install the rubber on the windshield, then the trim. I have managed to get it on the two sides but only after using a razor blade to make a small gap to start the trim in sliding it into place, that itself was a bit of a struggle, but I cannot seem to get the top and bottom pieces to wrap around the rubber.
Does this need to be done with the rubber off of the windshield or leave it on.
Is there a special tool that makes this possible?
I sure hope someone here has done this before and can offer some advice, any advice is welcome.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Tall windshield install question

Postby mpt_tank » Wed Feb 13, 2019 12:33 pm

OK, just an update (and in case any other poor soul is searching for this answer)
This was probably the most difficult thing on this project so far, never doing a rubber mounted windshield before I was pretty nervous anyway.
So here is how I did this. Chrome on rubber first, lots of soap and 1 or 2 helpers. I had 1 helper and several 4-5 inch strips of velcro. (soaking in the soapy solution)
I sliced an "on ramp" (about 1 inch from the end) to the rubber track for the chrome piece, then started sliding it on with the leading edge, since the bottom chrome piece has a pretty good curve to it we got it on to where we needed to keep rolling the rubber under to allow it to move into the chrome, after a few inches I would wrap the velcro around it to hold in there (again lots of soapy solution as you go, and it gets tighter) after about an hour of inching the chrome piece around I got it to the other side, next we did the top piece, not as bad of a curve but the same procedure, go a few inches, wrap with velcro (saturated with soapy solution) and move on.
So we got the top and bottom of the chrome in the rubber, now the rubber is taking the shape of the windshield. Now to install the rubber on the windshield. This posed even more of a challenge as the opening in the rubber for the glass was now closed under the chrome, so I had some old chopping mats laying around, I cut some 2" strips, paired them and jammed them into the gap lengthwise, when the glass was close to that edge I split the pair and slid the glass between them and into the channel like using a shoehorn. I did this on all 4 sides of the glass.
Next was to dry all of the rubber and glass so I could use duct tape to hold the rubber to the glass and hold the chrome in place.
Next was to actually place the assembly in the windshield frame and rope it in (that was easy compared to the rest) after it was roped in I installed the 2 side chrome pieces and finally the corners.

I must say, I have taken the body off, replaced all suspension, rewired the chassis, modified the frame for the SR transplant, wired the SR, repaired some bad wheel flairs, did the body and paint, replaced the dash with one from a 66. re-plumbed the brake system, used Volvo calipers, restored the fuel tank, etc. and this was the most difficult thing I have done so far, and I am almost done with the entire project.
anyway, this short description was over the duration of several weeks, and various attempts at doing this, but Yea, it is done!

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Re: Tall windshield install question

Postby AZhitman » Wed Feb 13, 2019 10:13 pm

Wish I had seen this before - Yep, it's a colossal PITA!

In fact, I pulled my entire windshield frame to replace the windshield and weatherstrip, rather than trying to fight it on the car.

Nice work sir!!!

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