tail light fuse keeps going on me

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tail light fuse keeps going on me

Postby kerv » Wed Jul 31, 2002 3:44 am

Hi. I was doing some work on my stereo yesterday. I got it all working fine, except now, whenever I press the brake pedal I blow the tail light fuse.

I tried checking all the bulbs and they are all good. I took apart my stereo. Put everything back the way it was before I started and it still blows. I have started tracing everything back to ground and so far nothing looks out of normal. There is 12V going to the fuse, and the brake lights do work. If I put a higher amperage fuse in there. The lights all turn on for about 5 seconds and then they go again when the fuse blows. So... I imagine it is a bad connection to ground or an accidental short to ground somewhere. Anyone have any ideas where I should be looking for this?

All my wires in the dash where the radio was are all taped up and the connection to ground looks stable to me.


- Kev

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Postby FrEaK » Wed Jul 31, 2002 3:44 am

Sounds like as you press the gas your increasing the electricty flow to your taillights for whatever reason, (probably the alternator) but as far as I can see I have no clue. :squint

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Postby 1991240xs » Wed Jul 31, 2002 3:44 am

I had the same problem with a reverse lights fuse. Go towards the rear of the car and trace the brake lights wire back as far as you can...mine was caught on a trunk latch-

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