Swap G37 interior and engine to Stagea M35

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Swap G37 interior and engine to Stagea M35

Postby mugne » Mon Feb 20, 2017 12:32 am

Hello guys,I'm new member and I need your help.Also my English is not very good,so sorry for that.

For now I have a JDM car Nissan Stagea M35 2006 rwd with annoying VQ25DD and 4AT.The interior is same as G35 last years,only thing is that the steering wheel is on right side.

Here I attached my pics: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AnOJodbG_zWtg7R8Q67zAxqVH9Y22A

I wanted to buy G37 sedan damaged from rear side from copart.com and ship it to Georgia(country)to swap the engine and transmission and other necessary stuff.And my friend said maybe we swap the interior too?So it will be steering wheel from left side.It was good idea because from April the cars with right-hand drive will not be allowed on the importation to Georgia.Also maybe in future there will be a law that will ban right-hand drive in my country,so i will need to transfer the steering wheel to the left side or sell the car to another near country or sell it by parts.This is my first car that i bought on my own money.So you know this is like your first love :) I dont want to sell this car.

So the first question is:Did somebody swapped the interior at least from G37 to G35?Is it possible?

I know that it will be much easier to swap from G35 but I'm not sure about the engine.Yes the VQ35DE is good engine,it was on Stagea from factory too with 5 AT and 6MT but the VQ37VHR is more newer engine.

So the 2nd question is:For the future engine full NA tuning and reliability which engine I need to choose:VQ35DE or VQ37VHR?

Thank you.

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