Super ecu/management headache swap FJ/KA

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Super ecu/management headache swap FJ/KA

Postby NBF823 » Sun Dec 10, 2017 8:34 am

Ok, bare with me here. I haven't been here in a long time, so hello again.

I'm looking to swap the ecu on an FJ20 to something domestic, affordable, and easily sourced. Probably a KADE?

I have seen people run S14 SR20DET ecus on fj20et. And I'm looking to do something like that.

What I have is an S12 with a ca20. Well that heap just started pumping oil out of the motor. The shell is clean, the car is inspected and must continue to run. Basically there's no storage for it, so it stays out on the street. I do have a shop for a swap.

Here's what I got; 1 fj20e missing ecu and exhaust manifold. 1 fj20et missing ecu and bad turbo. A crap load of mod parts; big injectors, pump, regulator, ms3x(unassembled), forged parts to build 1 fj20 turbo; wiseco, spool, balancer, etc. both engines have transmissions.

I was in the process of getting one set of cams reground to 272. Got them back from the first grinder - couldn't do them. Was just about to send them out again. Go out to start the s12(once a week, it's winter) and it smokes like a mutha - it's pumping oil out all over. This ca sat literally for 15 years. I've had it running for two since then. I probably gave it a little to much in sub-freezing temps, and one of the old gaskets let go. Its up for inspection in sept, so I gotta swap by then. I'm building a cnc, and I have another project car mid build, so I gotta get the swap done fast.

So, I want to throw the stock fj20 NA in the car and have it running as quickly as possible. I'm not after power here. I just need to dodge the street sweeper and get it inspected come fall. I need to weld mounts on an aluminum radiator, and lop the flange off a Kade240 header and weld an fj20 flange on it. What's the fastest reliable route to get it running; ms3x or ka24de ecu, injectors, etc? If I use a ka stuff, I'll have to fit the ka side feed rail to Fj cause top feed.

What are your thoughts? I'm siding with the ka24de management because no tune, I don't have to build ms3x under pressure, obd, and common domestic parts.

What do you guys think? Know anyone swapping to Sr in their 240 and have whole kade management and stuff?

Know of motor that would be better donor? The ca20 management is out because the injectors won't support a stock fj20. I could maybe do that and use msd to limit to 4K?

Thanks. Speak your mind:)

Also fj20 ecus are pretty much out - like finding hens teeth around here. Some of the Fj parts literally took an entire bottle of excedrin to source:). Unless of course someone on here got one?

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Re: Super ecu/management headache swap FJ/KA

Postby PapaSmurf2k3 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 9:09 am

You'd need a whole different harness, no?
If I were to go through all the trouble of doing what you're talking about, I'd also probably just drop in a KA24DE, along with the wiring harness and ECU just to make life easier on yourself and not chase electrical gremlins.
Even if you went full standalone, is this a common enough frankenstein project to where you'd be able to get a base tune from someone?

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