Steering Problem !!!

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Steering Problem !!!

Postby crazyboy3012 » Fri Jan 18, 2019 4:51 pm

2003 G35, 4D Sedan, 143K miles.

So the G35 has been having steering problems. There are 4 main symptoms

1. Steering is hard to turn (in both directions) and squeaks
2. When I turn the steering, It does not return to the normal position. I have to put in effort to return it to normal.
3. With the engine shut down and key out of the ignition, the steering does not lock.
4. With the key out, It is free to move a lot. A good 40 deg on both sides.

I first thought it has got to do with the power steering fluid or pump so I replaced the PS fluid, then got a used pump from salvage yard and replaced it (waste of time and money) and replaced the PS belt (Continental poly V belt). Neither of those helped eliminate the steering feel or noise.

Could this be the steering U joint that connects the rack and Pinion to the lower shaft? May be rack and pinion? No fluid leaks but the G has all original steering parts except the ones mentioned above.

I would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.

Cheers !!!

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Re: Steering Problem !!!

Postby audtatious » Wed Feb 06, 2019 9:47 am

I would say to look at the rack and pinion next. It's pressurized by the pump and if it's failed you would probably have similar issues.

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