specifics on the z24L

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specifics on the z24L

Postby lilhustler » Mon Nov 11, 2019 9:10 am

"OK so heres the deal. I bought an 84 720 with rebuild motor and many new parts. Was told it wouldnt idle because it needed a carb rebuild. After much work I found out that it was a newer electric feedback carb put on a non feedback truck and wouldnt work." (((((((i found this on ratsun.net)))))
i have a stupid simple question for y'all...
Is the z24L (n in the 4th digit) a feedback carburetor. does it have ecu under the seats?
does my carburated engine have all these components even thought it is not fuel injection (egrc-bpt valve, mass air flow sensor, throttle position sensor, egr valve, swirl control valve, etc, etc.)
and is the weber 32/36 a feedback carb?

i am getting ready for an engine swap, same motor, is there anything i need to pay attention to when i pull the engine out,
i heard these were sensitive having something to do with setting the timing, does that ring a bell? but i shouldn't have to do any of that. i considered getting into the timing chain cavity and tightening the tensioner and guide. what do you think, the replacement engine has 100,000miles. also is there a gasket between the tranny and engine i should order, and are there specific bolts or hoses, and their sizes i should replace. thanks for the time.

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