Slipping clutch?

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Slipping clutch?

Postby MAXIMANESS » Tue Aug 14, 2018 6:52 pm

I’m new here but not a new owner. I have a 2002 6SPD that’s bought new. Since then, I’ve maintained it myself and replaced just about everything so far. Except the clutch.

Recently it started stalling out and shutting off at idle or when I would come to a stop. Came to the realization that my spark plugs were at 112,000 miles so they obviously were toast. I immediately replaced those with the NGK platinum.

So I thought that was the only issue I was having and this would solve it. I guess only halfway unfortunately. It hadn’t been losing power while driving and I thought it was just misfiring or the power loss was because of the bad spark plugs. Well, it’s still doing it. While I’m driving, I can feel a brief second where power is lost (in 5th or 6th gear). It’s brief but gives me a mini panic attack. I’ve also noticed it slips or doesn’t catch if I’m downshifting and trying to speed up to pass someone on the expressway. I’m assuming this is the clutch slipping and needing to be replaced. Never experienced the feeling before so I don’t know 100%. It does have 192,000 miles on it. This is a daily driver. Assuming it is the clutch, I have a few questions:

As far as clutch kits go, what is the consensus? LUK? Exedy stage 1? OEM?

Replace the flywheel? My shop said they would resurface the one i have but I’ve read in several places that this should never ever be done to our flywheels. The only one I can find that for the 5.5 and quality is the Fidanza. Of course it’s expensive. Anybody know a quality alternative or a group deal or good place to buy one?

Are there any particular parts I should get that won’t be included in the clutch kit or with the flywheel that I will need to replace that won’t be included with either of those? Bushings or bearings?

Lastly, is this something I can do or should even think about doing? It seems somewhat straightforward, but I’m not a mechanic, obviously. I’ve also had quotes of $1000 in just labor. Which is utterly crazy.

Thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

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