Should I buy used Titan or Armada?

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Should I buy used Titan or Armada?

Postby TAMU_QR25DE » Mon May 23, 2016 8:20 pm


Currently I am in the market of buying a full size body on frame 2WD car, as a Nissan enthusiast, first choice would be Titan or Armada before other brands (Ford, Dodge) kick in.

VK56DE engine seemed to be incredibly durable, compare to other brands having popping sparkplugs, faulty active fuel management, or multi displacement system.

I did a lot of study about these two cars, and both have their achillies heels.

Titan to be plagued by rear axle problems....
2004 was the worst axle because of the single tapered axle bearing.
2005-2007 had an update but still there are lots of complaints about grounded up spider gear, rear axle overheat.
2008 or newer is the most ideal, but is out of my budget, as the listing prices are 10k USD.

Somebody reported on TitanTalk, Armadas never have any rear differential issues ever, as the structural components are similar to Titan's solid axle.

Armadas' rear air damper(leveler?) is faulty, and problem is hard to detect, could be leaking air bladder, could be fuse problem, could be suspension compressor problem.

A couple people suggest replace the air bladder by normal strut, blistein 5100 I remember. However finding a mechanic that is willing to do will be difficult.

Can somebody give me tips about making decision? Are 2005-2007 2WD Titans stock rear axle that bad? I thought these cars were built to go 300k miles like domestic big 3 do. Thanks!

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Re: Should I buy used Titan or Armada?

Postby Rogue One » Mon May 23, 2016 8:29 pm

In order to prevent confusion/complications, please pick ONE forum to post your topic in. I've deleted the duplicate thread.

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