S14 R200 diff - output flange/cup swap

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S14 R200 diff - output flange/cup swap

Postby Makesy » Tue Aug 23, 2022 4:42 pm

Hi all,

First post so go easy on me please. I hope this is in the right place as it relates to an S14 diff, but mods feel free to relocate my post if necessary.

I am finding a bunch of conflicting information on this topic and trying to avoid an expensive mistake!

I'm in the middle of a custom s30 build using an VLSD R200 from S14. I need to use this diff due to the ratio (another story entirely).

To suit the CV shafts I'll be using, I plan on changing the output flanges (cups) from the current 3*2 pattern to the 5*1 from a 300zx z32 non turbo diff.

My simple question is will this work? Are these flanges (and the stubs that enter the diff) compatible?

I really appreciate any help offered!

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