S13 to S14 engine swap, no crank

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S13 to S14 engine swap, no crank

Postby Fri3dCh1cken23 » Thu Oct 01, 2020 10:05 am

There may already be the answer to this somewhere, but i feel my circumstances with it are particularly weird. Recently did an engine swap in my 240. Body and harness are s13, with an auto t manual swap (didn't do this myself was done before i got the car) Before the swap the car started and ran (Bad Compression in a cylinder). I picked up an s14 engine for 500$ half the miles and looked in good condition. Swapped it in, got everything wired and the car would crank but not start. Read on a forum to put the s13 intake manifold and wiring on the engine. After i did that car no longer cranked. Tested the starter outside the car works great. When i turn the key to the "on" position all accessories come on and i hear the relay in the bottom left of the cab clicking. when i fully turn the key the clock dims. Sanded now all my grounds (terminal is beat up so i might try replacing that). And checked all all related uses. I'm absolutely stumped. Please help ! :mad:

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Re: S13 to S14 engine swap, no crank

Postby Akuhyo » Fri Jan 08, 2021 11:52 am

You need fuel and spark, so make sure you're getting pressure in your fuel lines and your spark plugs are working.

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