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reverse inverter

Postby istesso » Thu Jan 14, 2010 3:46 am

hello everyone, and my first post. my wife think the leaf would be perfect for our life style. what could really seal the deal for us is a built in reverse inverter. that is, a 110(220)vac inverter that could serve say to power ones cabin in the woods. this could work with the charge station. with a 24 kw battery and modern lighting and electronics it would be plenty of power for the weekend if not for emergency as well.this would be a very nice thing to consider in the final product. heat sinks should be well cooled and highest quality capacitors.

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Re: reverse inverter (istesso)

Postby SteveTheTech » Mon Mar 01, 2010 4:51 pm

That is a very interesting comment,

First off Welcome to Nicos' Leaf forum, T or C seems like an interesting place and is on my short list of places to see.

I do not think that the Leaf will be able to power a cabin via a 110/220V. That would leave your Leaf stranded at the cabin.

What makes the Leaf different is that is has no internal combustion engine and no ability to recharge itself. This might not be the car that you will be taking to the cabin in the woods as it is more of a short trip commuter.

However regarding emergency use I can imagine it would have the functionality of say a 12v car. Youl could use it for the radio or to charge your phone but I think as a mobile mega battery I do not think the (first generation) Leaf will meet your needs.

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