Retreiving the Column Shift '65

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Retreiving the Column Shift '65

Postby Li'l Truckie » Sat Sep 06, 2014 7:46 pm

Hey 320 fans,

This here is the early '65 320 with column shift that has been sitting my brother's barn with the chickens, opossums, and mud daubers for the last 2 + years. So with MNSTR 0 going into early hibernation :frown: so as not to break 30K miles it time to address the transmission issue that LipStick Red has had from the very beginning now that there is room in the garage.


So as not to have yet another 320 down for an extended period of time we pulled the 320 side/column shift transmission from the parts 320* out of the crate. Much of the Saturday was devoted to clean up, painting, and installing new seals and gaskets.




So this transmission is ready to go. We'll install it along with the engine tomorrow and have it running by the time the sun goes down. Okay, probably just starting and running as I smashed the rear brake line on the firewall. So this 20foot + brake line will have to be replaced...yet again. Yip, smashed it the first time I pulled the engine when it was rebuilt two summers ago. Think I'd learn :facepalm:

Well that's where we are at for now. I have yet to pull the cover off the LipStick Red's original transmission, kind of scared to see what lurks behind the cover. But we will get to that tomorrow or Monday for sure.

Li'l Truckie

*This was one of the main reason for purchasing the '62 parts 320. I took this same transmission, along with the '64's transmission, over to John and Glenn at Northtown Transmission in North KCMO last year. After a quick inspection and shifting through the gears Glenn gave this transmission a clean bill of health. Synchros are good and the there are no chips to any of the gears. So I know this transmission is good to go.

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Re: Retreiving the Column Shift '65

Postby difrangia » Sun Sep 07, 2014 7:22 am

You guys don't mess around when you tackle a project.


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