Replacement Fan Shroud Available ?

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Replacement Fan Shroud Available ?

Postby drumaniac3000 » Fri Dec 11, 2015 10:34 pm

Heard quite the noise coming from underhood while offroading the other day. Turns out the fan shroud is loose and got into the fan blades on the bottom side. Was able to secure it out of the way with a strap but am looking to fix it properly now.

While I haven't pulled anything apart yet to survey the true damage, but does anyone know of a source for a new or used shroud?

Most of the searching I've done have pointed toward either other Nissan shrouds or some part number descriptions with no photos. Some descriptions indicate an upper piece and a lower piece but the one I have appears to be a single.

Do the shrouds from the early (z24) Hardbody trucks fit an '85/6 720 4x4 ?

Just trying to get a feel for what my options are; may have to resort to cobbling this one back together.


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