Red top sr20det head build

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Red top sr20det head build

Postby SliderSauce » Wed Jun 10, 2020 10:24 pm

Hi, I’ve been doing a lot of research but can’t find a very solid answer on a reliable sr20det head build. I bought a redtop sr20det rebuilt with stock bearings, rings, water pump, oil pump, timing chain/tensioner, and pistons. It has new valve seats, 3 angle valve grind job, cometic head gasket, and are head studs. It also has a stock ecu, wiring specialties harness, mishimoto FMIC, eBay dual core radiator, dual ISR fans, Tomei headers, isr turbo outlet, and 3 inch exhaust. I bought the motor from a friend who verified rebuild parts when he bought it. It has been pressure tested and had high even numbers, I forgot the numbers but have everything to test it again and I might just for fun. Has been sitting for 3 years and just got it to fire. Runs great! I’m planning on slightly building it after breaking it in. I’d like to achieve somewhere near 300hp, and keep it as reliable as possible. I plan on dailying the car but also be able to occasionally take it to the track. I’m not planning on beating the car but I would like to have some fun and don’t want to have to worry about accidentally hitting rev limiter. So far my build to do list consists of:

Tomei cams (Poncam, 265, or?)
Tomei springs
Titanium retainers
Valve guides (recommendations?)
Solid lifters
Soft rev limiter
Dual valve guides (anywhere to have this professionally done?)
Rocker arm stoppers (think they won’t hurt anything with a dual valve guide job?)

T28 turbo
550cc injectors
Z32 maf
Fuel pump
Dyno tune somewhere in Cali or oregon
Oil separator/cooler
Timing chain guide upgrade kit

I’m not to sure if this is overkill or just barely enough to help keep a slight build reliable. Basically the only thing I’m worried about is loosing rocker arms. Don’t really want to install the rocker arm stoppers because of all the horror stories I’ve read about loosing more than just a cam. I’m also not even opposed to buying all the pieces and sending the head off to have everything professionally done. I’d prefer the dual guide job was professionally done with the proper tools. So any recommendations on that would be killer. I’ve done a few crate and block swaps. Multiple head gasket and various jobs so I am mechanically inclined. Any advice or am I heading in the right direction for a reliable ~300hp sr that I can daily and drive to the track and hot lap on occasion? I’d be happy with 250-300whp. I definitely don’t plan on trying to hit the rev limiter but who doesn’t think it sounds cool and I don’t wanna have to be paranoid if I accidentally hit it sliding or doing a burnout with my mom in the car or something. Any advice is hugely appreciated!! Pulling my ka this weekend to start swapping the stock sr into the car!

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