Red Sport meets Doug Demuro !

In 2014, the G37 Sedan became Infiniti Q50. G37 Coupe and Convertible became Infiniti Q60 under Infiniti's new naming structure - Here's the place to discuss the Q50 and Q60!
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Red Sport meets Doug Demuro !

Postby Larz » Tue Sep 24, 2019 5:56 pm

Fettuccine loves her Q60 coupe, but I would never choose it for myself over my now 11 yo M35. Even at such an advanced age, it puts our Q60 coupe to shame in every category. So, why did I buy it? We had been shopping for a replacement for her car at BMW, Mercedes, and Lexus but nothing grabbed her. I didn't even consider taking her to Infiniti because I cold see just how far behind the Q50 / Q60's were in technology, quality, etc. One day I brought a Q60 red sport coupe home as a loaner and Fettuccine went mad for it. We got a great deal on a Q60 3.0 coupe with all options and packages and only 8k miles. I was shocked at the depreciation in just one year.
Mind you, it has had zero issues but I don't fancy it at all. Now ........... Doug Demuro has done a review of this model and I couldn't agree more.

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Re: Red Sport meets Doug Demuro !

Postby audtatious » Sun Dec 01, 2019 10:25 am

Doug seemed to miss a few points and nailed a couple others. The majority of people do not buy the Q50 for the infotainment system. For me it's fine as I don't use all the gadgets, but having the availability to use Waze on it instead of the factory NAV would be perfect. The runflats also suck and the paint on my Q50 is a nightmare (black). There are also issues with belt alignments that cause some cars to throw belts, something I've not dealt with luckily. Others have already had to replace turbo's.

Depreciation on Nissan/Infiniti has always been bad, but after a few years it seem to stabilize and hold its own dependent on miles. I bought my loaded '17 RS with 5k miles on it and bought it for 20k off the sticker and they gave me a free certified warranty extension on it as well.

Now I just need to get off my butt and do the power mods that I want.....maybe I'll drive it more if it had more power as I've only put 5500 mile on it in 2 years.

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