Rb25det issues

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Rb25det issues

Postby Pochi » Sat Jan 26, 2019 4:27 pm

Hello, this is my first post here.
Anyways, I own an r32 gts-t that is rb25det swapped. I am currently experiencing idle issues. Sometimes when I cold start it, the car runs fine. Then sometimes the idle starts bouncing and either fixes itself or dies. When it dies, I can either start it back up or it has a really hard time and I have to keep giving it gas. Then when hot, the car sometimes dies coming to a stop. If I try starting it again while it's hot, the car has a hard time starting it seems. But whenever it dies, whether hot or cold, I always experience the idle bouncing.

Some of my mods:
Pendulum intake manifold (greddy rep)
Q45 throttle body
Cx Racing fmic
Electric fan
Hks pod filter
Hks bov
Wiring specialties harness

I have replaced all the sensors I can think of and I cleaned out the idle air control valve. On the q45 throttle body, I removed the cold start that wasn't being used. For all the hoses, I had new ones which I replaced again to make sure.

I have tried asking others and searching online, but I can't seem to find my issue's resolution. Hopefully someone here can help me find it because I would love for my car to run normal. Thank you!

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